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4D Legal Films offers superior staffing and technology for capturing the best in image and audio quality.

  • Professional videographers who understand the importance and nuances of video evidence in litigation
  • Professional digital video (High Definition) cameras and equipment
  • Professional lighting for consistent video
  • Professional microphones and audio mixer for reliable, clear sound
  • Soft hued background for non-distracting playback
  • Complete services at competitive prices

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Video Production

The experts at 4D Legal Films have produced a wide spectrum of video projects from commercials and corporate videos to mitigation videos, civil legal case videos, and clemency videos. Our staff, field equipment and post-production facilities can create the legal video evidence and demonstratives you need. Whether your case requires a settlement video, legal technology brief, legal site inspection, mock trial video or a day in the life video, we will help you from conception to the finished project within budget and on time. 4D Legal Films can add animations, labels, voice-over or other effects and output to any format, including DVD.

Video Editing

4D Legal Films is your complete digital video editing service provider. We can edit for input into trial presentation packages and output the clips in several convenient formats for importing into your case. State-of-the-art video editing system provides the quality, speed and flexibility to handle any project and our field equipment lets us take all of this capability wherever it is needed. 4D Legal Films can produce the final video on internet-ready CDRom or DVD.


Randall produced a compelling legal video that really got the attention of the defense and substantially increased the settlement value of the case. The facts were presented in a creative way, captured the viewer’s attention and had a real emotional impact. Randall was easy to work with, was flexible in accommodating our schedule and offered substantive content for our successful settlement video.

Kenneth S. Canfield
Doffermyre Shields Canfield & Knowles, LLC